Holiday Swap

AirBnB meets Tinder!

A global, social-driven app for like-minded travellers. Swap your home with other users for $1/night.


Access to the latest news, jobs, offers and benefits for WGC team members

WGC enables employees to download, sign in and gain access to payslips, letters and benefit awareness.


Self-defence and fitness programme for men and women

Krav Maga focussed self defence app.

Crypto-focused competition

A game designed to reinvent the lottery game sector and crown a billionaire.

“G” is a crypto-focused competition currently in stealth mode, which will create one billionaire with 58 millionaires along the way. You can become part of “G” as an entrant or as an Affiliate. Purchasing a token allows you to take part in competitions and with each extra token, you can increase your chances of a big win.

Joseph Homes

An interactive sales brochure for home buyers

Joseph Homes develops and converts property for residential use in London. The brochure enables a prospective home buyer to explore a property development, its location and options anywhere, anytime – all in the convenience of a mobile device.


Hire the best temporary staff on demand

Buzzhire is an on-demand staffing solution for the catering industry providing fast, vetted talent.