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World’s first free money transfer service

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    iOS, Android

Xendpay are the world’s first free money transfer service. They pride themselves on being free, fair and fast, whether that’s paying suppliers, invoices or employees abroad.

The Challenge

Loved by many for their totally transparent service, Xendpay has been featured in BBC News, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and Forbes, alongside many other publications. While Xendpay already had an established web platform, they wanted to make it even easier for users to transfer money on the go.

Send money overseas simply and securely with Xendpay.

Secure, one-step

Borne partnered with Xendpay to redesign and develop an Android and iOS app in keeping with their current brand. Money can be transferred with one easy tap between different countries, with all transaction and recipients tracked.

A transparent and
simple experience

We integrated Touch ID to ensure users felt as comfortable using the app as they do the website. Transparency is key, and we needed to ensure we provided a service which made sending money easier than ever. The app enables users to select an amount, choose where to send to and see what that money looks like at the other end.

The Solution

With online banking becoming the norm, Xendpay needed an intuitive, easy-to-use mobile app which
would match the simplicity and transparency of their web platform. Borne redesigned the interface,
focusing on an uncluttered experience, keeping the focus on things that really matter.

You can download this product on iOS or Android