• Client

    Sincura Group

  • Services

    UX, UI, Development

  • Platform

    iOS, Android, API

Luxury Lifestyle With a Touch of a Button

The Sincura Group is an award-winning provider of luxury, providing concierge services, unique lifestyle management, exclusive tickets, events and experiences to prestigious members worldwide.

Our Approach

During a month and a half agile sprint, our product managers and development team guided Sincura’s concept from strategy to design. The Sincura app was designed and prototyped within a 4 week period. During this iterative process, we worked with the client to validate the user experience and ensure our ideas were being tested by potential user groups.

The app’s core functions provide tools to match users with Sincura concierge services and provide access to luxury goods and events. Our development team built the product with quality in mind to fit the needs of the client, going above and beyond to provide a luxurious and seamless feel to the app. Our team used tech sprints to maintain client expectations and provide adjustments for user feedback throughout the development process.

Award-winning services at your fingertips

Streamlined interface for seamless experience

User Features

The Sincura app gives access to private messaging, enabling you to chat to the Sincura Group directly in confidence and request their services. From making reservations, organising travel, sourcing exclusive goods, organising access to events, you can connect directly with the concierge team through the app. The request function offers an accessible way to use any of their services from finding a limited edition Burkin, to getting tickets to the latest film premiere or festival.

With the private messaging function, the user will be continually updated through push notifications with the progress of the request. The app holds all the details of the assigned Account Manager and how to contact them should the user wish to discuss anything.

  • Experience

    Award-winning concierge and city guides

  • Discover

    What’s happening in your city

  • Enjoy

    Access to the most sought after VIP events, tickets, and experiences.

The Solution

Sincura was designed to help users discover and gain access to luxury goods and services around the world. The focus was to ensure users could gain access to Sincura’s concierge services and update clientele on luxury experiences and goods to track the pulse of global luxury services.

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