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  • Services

    Experiential, Wearables, RFID

  • Platform

    Android, PHP Back End

The power of ideas

Shell are one of the leading energy producers and suppliers, providing around 10% of the UK’s total oil and gas production. Borne created products which showcase the socially responsible side of the company, helping Shell to position themselves as environmentally conscious.

Our Approach

Shell aim to be economically, environmentally and socially responsible in everything they do, supporting local communities and constantly striving to reduce their impact on the environment. Borne designed and developed two products to help engage students who were interested in Shell’s graduate scheme.

Connecting thoughts and creating powerful ideas

Global interactive engagement

User Features

The first product was a piece of wearable tech, a headset which records users’ concentration levels as they move dots across the screen. The second was an interactive quiz app that worked using 3 Android tablets as ‘buzzers’. Users would tap their RFID tag on the tablets to record their answer, with scores being sent to a global leaderboard for the event.

  • Wearable tech

    Interactive measurables

  • Interactive quiz

    Fun, engaging experiences

  • Global scores

    Event leaderboard

  • Communication

    Economic and social responsibility

The Solution

With both client need and user insights at the forefront, we ensured the products could communicate the economic and social responsibility that Shell are so passionate about. Shell strives to reduce environmental impact and the products were designed to help students build knowledge and engage with the key focuses within the experience.

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