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Hire the best temporary staff on demand

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    iOS, Android

BuzzHire helps temporary staff like bartenders, baristas, delivery drivers and kitchen staff advertise their services and get hired.

The Challenge

BuzzHire wanted to make hiring temporary staff even easier. We worked with BuzzHire to create a platform that allows temporary hospitality staff to showcase their skills and easily find employment, getting both hired and paid easily and efficiently.

Making hiring temporary staff easier and more transparent.

An on-demand
recruitment platform

Borne designed and developed two apps, one for the employer and one for the worker. The iOS employer’s app seamlessly allows employers to hire temporary staff with just a few hours notice, making it simple to create bookings on the go.

Ensuring a consistent
interface design

We created a consistent digital brand language across the interface that aligned with BuzzHire's values; focusing on simple typography, clever use of colour and subtle stylistic elements

The Solution

The employees’ iOS and Android app puts each worker through a rigorous screening process which
is then relayed back to the employer. Temporary staff can then flick through jobs, apply for temporary
work and manage their income - receiving payment within 5 days of completing the job.

You can download this product on iOS or Android

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