• Client

    British Army

  • Services


  • Platform

    Android, Windows Desktop App

Recruitment roadshow

Borne was selected by the British Army to create various products to showcase at their recruitment roadshow. The British Army wanted potential recruits to engage in a way that had never been done before. Borne was selected to help them create experiential products which could reach a wide audience and build awareness. This challenge led to a completely new way to engage with the British Army.

Our Approach

We created two products for the British Army’s recruitment roadshow. The first was a Windows desktop app to run alongside a 15-meter screen. The users had to complete a virtual bleep test against Army officials. The second was an augmented reality Android app. Users could impose their own image in a variety of army backgrounds.

Modern virtual engagement across social media

Augmented reality experiences for audiences

User Features

The Windows desktop app allows users to race against army officials in a 15-meter screen virtual bleep test. The Android app allows users to super impose their own image in a variety of Army backgrounds.

  • Multiple Applications

    Windows desktop and Android

  • Virtual Experiences

    Race against Army officials

  • Augmented Reality

    Personalised engagement

  • Social Media

    Share virtual experiences

The Solution

Borne developed a set of products that offered a modern and engaging way to experience the British Army. With audience reach in mind, we ensured each user had the ability to share their virtual experiences on social media, creating further traction and engagement.

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