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Make your own beat

To celebrate the launch of the NOVABLAST™ shoe, we collaborated with Asics in creating and launching an internationally recognised app. Asics Run Mixer is an intelligent music composer app that converts the rhythm of your run into an original track.

Our Approach

Using stats like your pace, cadence and intensity, the Run Mixer app automatically generates a unique algorithm, and creates a one-of-a-kind soundtrack to your run — in collaboration with renowned DJ & producer Elkka. Users can save and share your unique soundtrack with friends. Then challenge them to run their rhythm, and create their own.

Create your own unique beats while you run

Produce soundtracks and share them with your friends

User Features

We created a visualiser waveform animation to display the bounce and beat of the runners rhythm. The runner can listen to the tracks they have created and share it with their friends. You can also browse featured music created by professional athletes and listen to their tracks. With an in-app shop feature, users can visit the ASICS store and shop their NOVABLAST™ range.

  • Create

    A unique, one-of-a-kind soundtrack

  • Share

    Your music with friends and challenge them to create their own

  • Discover

    Music from ASICS Featured Runners

  • Discover

    Asics wide range of running gear

The Solution

We successfully achieved the promotion and launch of their NOVABLAST™ sneaker and encouraged more people to participate in running in an interesting and unique way on a global scale. Not only does the app create a unique experience for the user, the Asics Run Mixer is at the forefront of providing an individual experience of running that really does let the user run to the beat of their own drum.