Setting a new benchmark in home charging

EVIOS is the smartest charge point on the market, allowing you to control all your charging needs.


Building the future of keycare. Companion app for SmartFob.

The smart easy way to keep track of both your keys and your Smartphone. Borne designed and developed the companion app for MartFob. The future or keycare.

Bundle Benefits

Make the workplace a better place to thrive

Bundle helps organisations elevate work-life performances, by engaging in 1-on-1 digital experiences through thousands of live video sessions.


The most comprehensive art exhibition app

gowithYamo connects inspired art lovers with the best nearby exhibitions in all major cities.


Digital transformation of Commercial Property Developers

Web platform and app for one of the UK’s leading commercial property developers.


Invest Better. Invest Rationally.

AI powered market insights to help you make better investment decisions.