An innovative fitness tracker

Calibrex monitors workout metrics such as reps, power output, and fatigue, gauging your preparedness, and presenting bespoke suggestions, evaluations, and summaries.
This technology aims to break down the barriers that once made cutting-edge equipment exclusive to the professionals. With Calibrex’s essential performance metrics at their disposal, athletes at all levels can appraise and refine their training regimens, making informed decisions that lead to improved performance.


Levelling up driver recruitment

Drivous is an industry leading recruitment platform for HGV drivers. Cutting out the middleman!


Setting a new benchmark in home charging

EVIOS is the smartest charge point on the market, allowing you to control all your charging needs.


Building the future of keycare. Companion app for SmartFob.

The smart easy way to keep track of both your keys and your Smartphone. Launchbase designed and developed the companion app for MartFob. The future or keycare.

Bundle Benefits

Make the workplace a better place to thrive

Bundle helps organisations elevate work-life performances, by engaging in 1-on-1 digital experiences through thousands of live video sessions.


The most comprehensive art exhibition app

gowithYamo connects inspired art lovers with the best nearby exhibitions in all major cities.