At Borne, we have a team of top London app developers whose sole focus is taking your vision and turning it into a reality

Our ethos

Borne Digital is a mobile app development company specialising in apps for both iOS and Android, as well as web development. Our small team is based in Central London and Belgrade.We work with clients on a one-to-one basis to ensure their vision is fully understood, explored and analysed before we begin app design and development.

Our team consists of highly skilled mobile app developers, designers, QA testers and strategists whose work continuously exhibits the passion they have for the industry. From dating apps to the British Army, our work is varied, concise and, most importantly, meets the vision the client conveys to us. From partnering with established companies, to helping start-ups launch their first project, we are experienced in developing high-quality apps which feature and rank on the App Store.

We don’t just take on any idea. The projects we create are carefully handpicked, researched and polished. As mobile app developers with years of experience, our process has been carefully refined. We are in the position to take on only the projects that both our team and the client are passionate about. We don’t work with people looking for a ‘quick fix’, we take on serious projects which expedite user efficiency and stunning user experience. The bottom line? If you’re not passionate about your idea, there’s no way that we can be.

Our ethos

The mobile apps we build are visually attractive, easy-to-use, and rapidly become a part of the user’s everyday life. We have a wide range of services which we offer clients who passionately convey their vision to our mobile app developers and designers. A solid foundation to your idea is essential, but equally important is attitude. Whilst we have a fully refined process to ensure your app or web platform launches successfully; passion and the desire to succeed are qualities which cannot be developed, and it is these which we strive for in a partner.

Our mobile app developers use their expertise, talent and creativity to build brands that inspire users. We begin with branding sessions, where our app designers will explore your target user base. What user demographic is your app targeted towards? Which generation? What are their interests outside of using the app? The answers to these questions will heavily influence the design and branding of your product.

Equally important, our mobile app designers will discuss the tone of your product. Is it playful? Serious? Educational? This all matters in app development and exploring these questions early on will ensure our mobile app developers are on the same page as you from the very start, putting us in an excellent position to design and develop exactly what you are after.

Our app designers and branding team conduct fun and creative branding workshops in which everyone is encouraged to have a voice and contribute to the branding processes. Our team will discuss logos, typography, colour schemes and so much more. When it comes to our processes, no stone is left unturned

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