London Village Network

The London Village Network is a charity dedicated to tackling network poverty and social inequality. Launchbase partnered with LVN to deliver a native mobile application, connecting 16-24 year olds to volunteers and a world of opportunities. By professionals offering one hour of their time, individuals are able to inspire young people wrapped up in the criminal system and living in deprived communities.

Capabilities • Entertainment • Non-Profit • SaaS • Social

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Asics Run Mixer is an intelligent music composer app that converts the rhythm of your run into an original track. Using stats like your pace, cadence and intensity, the Run Mixer app automatically generates a unique algorithm, and creates a one-of-a-kind soundtrack to your run — in collaboration with renowned DJ & producer Elkka. Users can save and share your unique soundtrack with friends. Then challenge them to run their rhythm and create their own.

Capabilities • Business strategy • Development • Mobile app design • Social

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Holiday Swap

Holiday Swap lets travellers securely swap accommodation from anywhere in the world. The company was founded by James Asquith, who holds a Guinness World Record for being the youngest person to travel to every country in the world.

Capabilities • App Development • Branding • Hospitality&Leisure • Social • UX/UI Design

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Unifi is a free social app, designed to help connect students at their university. Discover new friends and housemates, join the biggest events/groups around town or buy and sell products/services within the marketplace.

Capabilities • App Development • Branding • SaaS • Social • UX/UI Design

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Blue Sky

We collaborated with our clients at BlueSky to build a product that would allow people to find new community and social activities as well as meet new people and learn new skills. Their aim is to enable people to give back to society & the environment more easily and promote social responsibility. The app allows you to share your time, skills and knowledge with those around you.

Capabilities • B2C • Mobile app design • SaaS • Social

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