May 20 - 2min readBorne Digital Product Studio Predictions For London App DevelopmentBy Jennifer Green

A new decade means a new approach to London app development. Here at Borne, after a break away, we are excited in what the New Year will bring for digital product studios in London. App developers in the UK have seen a shift throughout the course of five years that Borne Agency have been in operation. Digital product studios in 2020 need to brace themselves for a shift in what is expected in new digital products that clients and consumers will be expecting. With many new trends on the horizon for the new decade, we at Borne Agency have come together to create a list for UK app development agencies on what to expect from the New Year in app development:

Healthcare apps are proving to a huge topic for UK digital product studios. At Borne Agency, we have seen a shift in interest for healthcare providers to go digital. The healthcare industry needs to be approached carefully by mobile app agencies as telemedicine apps are becoming increasingly popular.

The VR scene has exploded in the UK. Digital product studios, including Borne Agency, have seen VR experiences in the city centre becoming a top things or experiences to do. App developers in the UK will have to incorporate this experience into their clients’ digital products in order to keep an edge on their competitors. Digital product studios in the UK, specifically its at Borne have focused our time and energy into making digital products that reflect the ongoing market and tech trends. Clients that we have worked with have definitely shown interest in mobile app agencies creating digital products that accommodate Virtual Reality (VR).

Such apps are not constrained to entertainment only. Other industries are also employing this technology like the e-commerce industry. These UK apps use AR to provide after-purchase experience to the customers that our UK based clients may have. This helps them to make a better purchase decision. Other than this, the education industry is also using this technology to provide a better learning experience for children. Apps like Chromville bring colored figures to life. This helps students memorise the stories in a better way.

Digital product studios like Borne Agency are capable of using this technology which can play with the minds of the users. If you want to stimulate the senses of your customers then AR can be a useful tool for the achievement of your goals. The next phase of development that we may see in UK app development that may involve VR is the next stage that we may have.


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