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Our London app developers at our digital product studio London have had a productive year so far. However, they were able to take some time and discuss the apps that they have been loving over the past year, with London app development agencies buzzing with new digital products on the scene. With Fintech and creativity dominating the favourites, it is safe to say that our mobile developers have been loving the fun applications. Here are our London app developers’ favourite apps of 2o20 so far:

Holiday Swap


Our developers may be biased since we worked with Holiday Swap, however they are making waves in the travel sector. Holiday Swap aims to disrupt the travel industry by giving people the opportunity to exchange their homes with thousands of spaces worldwide for $1. We partnered with Holiday Swap to design, develop and launch the app’s second phase.

Holiday Swap has a 4.1 star rating on the iOS App Store with glowing reviews and has over 100,000 downloads on the Play Store. Our digital product studio in London have worked with Holiday Swap for over four years, and the impact it has had locally in London has been received to a happy audience. Developers at Borne Agency would definitely make use of this innovative idea on their next holiday.


The Monzo app is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play only, allowing you to use it on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple Watch, as well as Android smartphones. Monzo can be seen as the big daddy of Fintech that has taken on conventional banks. Valued over £2 billion after several rounds of funding, this startup has over 2 million users, with plans to expand into the US. The Monzo card can be used anywhere in the world with limited fee-free spending – ideal for short holidays. Using Monzo is also arguably more convenient than a traditional bank as you don’t need to tell the bank when you go away to avoid getting your card accidentally locked.

Since launching in 2016, they have had a redesign fairly recently, just short of two months ago. Our developers at Borne have loved the simplistic approach to app as well as the clean Front end design that enables you to track your finances through graphics and monitoring of your spending to let you know where your money is going exactly.


If you’ve been on Facebook, Twitter or pretty much any other social medium in the last few days then you can’t have failed to notice it – FaceApp is everywhere.

Despite launching way back in January 2017, the app has suddenly received a new lease of viral life. Controversial does not adequately describe how this app has been portrayed in the media during the course of 2019. London app developers have criticised the safety of the app as it has caused immense stress in regards to data breaches with the states have accused the Russian developers of the app for keeping the images of its users.

However, our Borne London app developers have understood that the app took the London app developer digital product studio scene by storm. For app development agencies, data becomes sacred as you design and build applications in order to maintain the authenticity and safety of the product. However, we at Borne Agency have found a Faceapp to be a fun experience that caused a lot of laughs in the office.


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