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By Borne

Optimising App Performance: A Comprehensive Guide to Mobile Usability Testing

At Borne, we understand that the heartbeat of successful app development is...

Nov 22 • 2min read
By Borne

Essential UX Design Principles for Building Successful Products and Experiences

Leading brands today don’t stumble upon success; they strategically invest in user...

Nov 15 • 3min read
By Borne

Native vs. Cross-Platform App Development: What You Need to Know

Mobile app development presents a multitude of choices, each critical to your...

Oct 04 • 4min read
By Lily Thompson

Best Front End Web Frameworks in 2023

Frontend development has come a long way since the early days of...

Mar 22 • 3min read
By Borne

Why Product Thinking Matters in Design

Product thinking is a mindset and approach to problem-solving that is focused...

Jul 05 • 6min read
By Jennifer Green

Building to Scale: How Can You Approach Scaling Your Product?

With great power, comes great responsibility. Your product is a success and...

Sep 19 • 4min read