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By Jennifer Green

Deep Dive into Deep Learning

There has been an increased global demanded for a more personalised mobile...

May 22 • 4min read
By Jennifer Green

Making Cents of Digital Solutions in Fintech

Like other sectors that we have spoken about, the financial sector has...

May 11 • 4min read
By Jennifer Green

The Best Digital Tools for Managing Stress and Mental Health in the Charity and Healthcare Sector

As we face the tough challenges that come with our wellbeing in...

Apr 20 • 5min read
By Jennifer Green

Digital Transformation in the Property and Real Estate Sector: 5 Trends in PropTech for 2020

There is no industry that is immune to technological advances, but traditionally...

Apr 08 • 4min read
By Jennifer Green

COVID19: How To Protect Your Mental Health

The Coronavirus has thrown us into uncertainty and the constant flow of...

Mar 26 • 3min read
By Jennifer Green

Snapchat are Here For You: Launching A New Feature

Snapchat is rolling out a new feature called Here For You earlier...

Mar 20 • 3min read