Digital Transformation

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By Jennifer Green

Borne Curious Series: Why You Shouldn’t Develop Your Product

At Borne, our focus is on building products that are not just...

Jun 11 • 5min read
By Jennifer Green

Making A Change Through Digital Transformation

The impact of digital on various sectors, including the charity sector has...

Mar 04 • 6min read
By Jennifer Green

Navigating Your Startup: Looking Back To Launch Your Product Forward

Founders and investors, we are talking to you this week. At Borne,...

Feb 25 • 4min read
By Jennifer Green

The Right Fit: Obtaining Your Product-Market Fit (Part 2)

Building Your Value Proposition Strategy Last week, we discussed prioritising underserved customer...

Feb 18 • 4min read
By Jennifer Green

Pivoting Your Reach: The Importance Of Digital For The Charity Sector in 2021

According to a survey from Pro Bono Economic, nine-in-ten charities have noted...

Jan 28 • 4min read
By Jennifer Green

‘The New Normal’: 2021 Digital Transformation Predictions That Won’t Bring Us to Tiers

It is safe to say that none of us could have predicted...

Dec 17 • 4min read