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By Borne

Why Product Thinking Matters in Design

Product thinking is a mindset and approach to problem-solving that is focused...

Jul 05 • 6min read
By Borne

What is Holistic Design? A Guide to User-Centred Design

Holistic design is a way of thinking about user-centred design, and it’s...

May 17 • 6min read
By Borne

Digital Product User Engagement : How to design for it

Today, product design or UX design is a crucial component in the...

Feb 28 • 6min read
By Borne

London Tech Startups: Who to Watch in 2018

There’s only one thing we love more than inspirational Steve Jobs quotes...

Jul 17 • 4min read
By Borne

The Biggest Announcements from Apple’s WWDC

Immediately crushing any hopes and dream of a new iPhone, Tim Cook...

Jun 05 • 3min read
By Borne

The Future of TV is Apps – overview of the Apple Autumn Event

This week has been a busy one for Apple. We had reported earlier of their decision to allow ads to be blocked on Safari on iPad and iPhone and the potential impact that could have but the biggest Apple news of the week was always going to come from the Autumn Apple Event which took place Wednesday.

Sep 11 • 4min read