Brand Identity

With over 60,000 active users of FootyBuff playing the quiz online per month, it was important to keep the brand values and image the same, whilst simultaneously updating it for the launch of the new app. We created multiple logos, font choices and colour palettes, before making our final decisions. 

FootyBuff appeals to it’s mainly male user base, exuding the brand values of competition, performance and of course, banter.

User Experience

Competition in the quiz app market is fierce. FootyBuff had to stand out, not just in terms of gameplay but in how the users engage and interact. The user was considered at every stage and the message of competition the main driving force in the UX decisions. The homepage is split into 3 ‘cards’ so users can quickly see their current statistics, league tables and game history, encompassing the competitive nature of football and FootyBuff itself. The theme continues throughout and has seen the download rate increase exponentially.

Visual Design

Because of Footy Buff’s existing loyal fan base currently playing the quiz online, the app had to maintain a visual identity that users can instantly recognise. A major consideration however, was in how to modernise the game play and provide a visually stunning experience. Simplicity and “no-nonsense” was our answer. Using cards to quickly navigate between vital stats was key, and the easily accessible navigation bar to all the key features enables users to find exactly what they are looking for, displayed in an easy to read message.

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