Brand Identity

Professional, helpful and easy to use, BuzzHire’s brand values revolve around taking care of everything. We worked with BuzzHire to create a consistent digital brand language that aligned with their values; focusing on simple typography, clever use of colour and subtle stylistic elements.

BuzzHire will organize you a freelancer with just a few hours’ notice and take care of the payment electronically. Freelancers are background-checked, insured and experienced, meaning employers have little work to do. If the company is not happy with the freelancer sent by BuzzHire, their money is refunded.

User Experience

Due to the “fast-paced” nature of part-time and casual work, UX had to allow users to quickly and effectively apply for positions. Similarly, employers needed to be able to advertise positions and accept applications hassle free. A simple side menu allows quick navigations between key features, ultimately leading to job-seekers finding, applying for and getting hired for multiple jobs in a fraction of the usual time.

Visual Design

BuzzHire has a very approachable feel, is professional with elements of fun, never crossing the line into corporate or overly formal. This clever balance ensures that the key demographic trust the brand and the service on offer, understanding the seriousness of finding new work without becoming overpowered by it. This ensures return users and an ever growing user base.

Like the social media giants, the colours used are blue and white. These colours are reassuring, trustworthy and convey to the employers not just the professionalism of Buzzhire, but also the professionalism of their freelancer.

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