Brand Identity

Founded in 2011, Social Concierge attempts to bring together a community of eligible London based professionals. The members-only club allows users to meet and socialise with like-minded singles.

The app grants access to private parties and dinners and also includes extra Black Card benefits.

User Experience

Simplicity and skeuomorphism. Our team focused strongly on the on-boarding experience, particularly on recreating the effortless experience of joining a member’s club. Real world consumer interviews revealed users wanted to be able to ‘try before they buy’, as well as be able to join the club within five minutes. Our solution was allowing users to take a digital tour of the club and, when they’re ready, the application is broken down to just six simple questions.

Visual Design

Simple, clean and elegant were our main focuses whilst designing Social Concierge. To mirror the high end service being offered, we needed the app to be visually pleasing and stylish, so users will feel that they belong to something exclusive and private.

High quality images were used throughout, to give the user a taste of the atmosphere before committing to anything.

Our design team chose the display typography Playfair as a stylistic element for each menu item, reinforcing the distinct separate areas of the app itself. This gives the user a clear path to anywhere in the app, whether they wanted to RSVP to a specific events or simply browse and see what is coming up. 

Our app designers also created a complimentary colour palette for use alongside the Social Concierge’s classic purple. This was used for drawing attention to the critical conversion points in the app, mainly RSVP and contact screens.

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