User Experience

The first challenge we faced with this project was organising meetings between professionals and young people. Our research showed that the young people generally had more flexible schedules than the volunteering professionals. We decided it should be down to them to send the initial requests, and the professional could respond with three possible meeting times to suit their schedules. The second challenge was the long sign up process for young people. We had to strike a balance between capturing all the information needed for the charity records, along with relevant skill interests, while keeping the process short enough to ensure minimum drop off. Ultimately, it remains a long form (we’re not magicians!) but it is still shorter than the offline LVN program sign up and, so far, the feedback has been great.

Visual Design

We chose a card-style layout, so that we could easily show portrait shots of professionals while retaining a unique and interesting visual style. Having the cards forms a much more engaging way of swiping through each professional, independent of one another, as opposed to a generic list of professionals.

In terms of the colour scheme, we went for a very neutral colour palette to mirror the ‘clean’ feel of Instagram and Snapchat, platforms that millennials predominantly associate with. We used blacks and whites throughout, using the bright LVN yellow as an accent, highlighting particularly important information such as meeting request buttons or new notification tags.

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