Brand Identity

Streats is our very own in-house product, sprung from our combined love of street food. It began small, we hired our own photographer who quickly advanced to Streats Content Manager and after admiring his beautiful photos the message of Streats became even more clear, it is all about the imagery.

The app is for anyone who wants to discover and enjoy street food from around the world. Currently only operating in London, we have plans to expand to other cities across the UK, eventually heading to Europe where we will continue to spread our love of street food!

The Streats brand identity is centred around our values of being adventurous, curious and authentic, mirroring those of the street food industry. Our logo at first glance is a burger, but if you look closer it is made up of two elements, the bun represents stalls, and the burger patty is the street that they are located on - we know, very clever.

We have just two brand colours, a deep earthy orange and pure white. The orange isn't desperate to take centre stage but feels organic and modern, the white naturally feels pure and clean - perfect for framing the beautiful street food photography.

User Experience

We began by sketching the core screens of the app while working out which features we wanted to make the most prominent. We wanted to strike a balance between allowing users to find the places around them quickly while also maintaining an element of discovery – hopefully leading users to travel further afield in search of that perfect pizza! We made the Featured section the core screen of the app for this reason. Other than that, we tried to keep the UX simple. Our app developers must often tell our own clients not to overcomplicate the first version of their product, and following our own advice was a real challenge! As much as we wanted to go all out with fancy UX, our target users aren’t ‘techie’, they’re ‘foodie’ – so it was essential than we focused on great content and imagery, as opposed to fancy features.

Visual Design

One of the main reasons people try new street food is due to the smells, sounds and colours that encompass their chosen dish. While, of course, we couldn't replicate the smell of fresh Thai curries or spicy tacos, we designed the app to be a blank canvas, allowing Charlie’s photography to do the talking. We left ample space on all screens for full width photography at the correct aspect ratio and even this is going to be something we expand on in future versions.

By using a primarily white colour palette with only a dash of our brand colour, we ensured that the food photography took centre stage throughout the app. The photographs are bright, colourful and engaging, aiming to encourage users to seek our different street food themselves.

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