Brand Identity

Cheeky, playful and fun were the core elements we tried to get across in MoodChimp. Everything from the UX, the colours used and the logo reflect these values. To supplement the main brand, we also created a set of 9 unique "Mood Faces" that users can choose from when chatting with each other. This set of emojis/stickers further highlights the cheeky values of MoodChimp.

Visual Design

Both the ‘flirty’ and ‘social’ sides of the app have a unique and vibrant colour, allowing the user to identify at a glance which mood they were in.   The most interesting part of the visual design however, is our unique bubbles used to display the users around you. These are a fun, original way of interacting with the app – helping MoodChimp stand out from the other dating apps.   We also implemented a shake to refresh feature, to further encourage engagement. This feature is also going to be used in various marketing campaigns, so keep your eyes peeled!

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