Brand Identity

‘Powering conversations’ is the core value of Wordown.   We wanted people to engage with the huge variety of topics on the app and easily be able to find their way back to the root of the conversation.   The target user is a professional aged 25+, wanting to explore topics, see others’ opinions and contribute to debates. We wanted an app that’s professional, as well as engaging and fun. We didn’t want users to shy away from more serious topics, but equally, we wanted them to enjoy posting whatever is on their mind at that time.   "We used a neutral colour palette in order to not distract from the user created content. Choosing blue as the predominant colour ensures the feel remains corporate, sophisticated and clean. Yet, like Twitter or Facebook, Wordown is an app you could spend a large amount of time on!

User Experience

Wordown prides itself on allowing users to discover a certain topic and then dive deeper into a discussion that matters to them. Because discussions are ‘multi layered’, users can not only comment on the original word, but also the comments within that word (and so on infinitely). This provided a unique challenge on the UX side of design. Through a combination of user interviews and competitor research we decided that the user experience needed to be geared equally towards two specific user types. User 1: The ‘power user’, both creates and contributes to discussions User 2: Just here to browse To appease User 1 we needed to ensure that wherever they entered the discussion, the user could always work their way back to the original discussion or move forward through the topic. For this we made extensive use of the forward/backward signifiers, always referencing the comment that the new word is in response to. We also needed to ensure that there is a prominent discovery element which allows users to uncover new and interesting topics. These features greatly enhance engagement, time spent on the app and daily active users.

Visual Design

With Wordown the main focus is on the discussions to be had, and our simple yet clean design ensured the focus was not taken from this.   We wanted to give the visual design a clear colour hierarchy; all “for” votes use the colour blue and all “against” votes use the secondary brand colour green. By using this consistently throughout the app, we enable the user to at a quick glance get a feel for how for/against the responses are.


This was the first of our projects that we were asked to do app store optimisation and it was an opportunity we relished!   As Wordown is an Android build, we predominantly focused on producing an engaging description that not only portrayed the brand values but was also optimised for Play Store rankings.   We signed up to various app analytics sites and began monitoring any apps we felt Wordown would be competing with. From this, we were able to produce a list of potential keywords to focus on in our description.   We used a mixture of long tail and short tail keywords to ensure that we had enough traffic but not too much competition. The result was a snappy and engaging description to drive downloads.

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