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Google I/O: What You Need To Know

by borne May 19, 2017

Google’s annual developer conference kicked off this week in San Francisco, led by CEO Sundar Pichai. [...]

Instagram Unveils Face Filters

by borne May 17, 2017

Yesterday Instagram delivered what could be the final blow in their quest to make biggest rival Snapchat totally [...]

Can Amazon Echo Their Previous Success?

by borne May 9, 2017

Amazon’s Echo is due an upgrade and we’re expecting it to be unveiled today! Needless to say, [...]

5 Mobile App Features To Avoid

by Alexandra Uren April 28, 2017

We’ve spoken time and time again about the various hoops that must be jumped through when it comes to mobile [...]

Why Brands Need To Embrace Print Marketing

by Alexandra Uren April 21, 2017

We are living in a digital age. We can order whatever we want at the click of a button, the days of ‘I have [...]

The Trends Shaping App Development In 2017

by Alexandra Uren April 6, 2017

Like fashion or fad diets, app trends rise and fall. What works one year is outdated or simply not relevant the [...]

5 Ways To Increase Mobile App Engagement

by Alexandra Uren March 28, 2017

So you’ve developed your app and have been given the App Store go ahead? Well, that’s really only half [...]

Discover Great Street Food Using Streats!

by Alexandra Uren March 21, 2017

If there’s one thing the team at Borne Digital love just as much as tech, it’s food. We are a bunch of [...]

The Journey Of An App: From Concept To Launch

by Alexandra Uren March 1, 2017

If you’ve ever been scrolling through Instagram, downloading a workout or manically swiping right on Tinder [...]

Part 3: Do Something Different

by Alexandra Uren February 8, 2017

Welcome to part 3 of our app launch series, helping you gain exposure for your app and increase downloads. [...]

Part 2: Using Instagram To Drive Downloads

by Alexandra Uren February 2, 2017

Welcome to part 2 of our app launch series, containing all our little tips and tricks to make sure your app launch [...]

Part 1: App Store Optimisation

by borne January 19, 2017

One of the biggest challenges now faced by mobile app developers and their clients is getting potential users to [...]

Fitness Tech: Worth The Hype?

by Alexandra Uren January 5, 2017

Christmas is a time for indulgence. Whether it’s Quality Streets, mince pies or that extra glass of Baileys, [...]

Quick Tips: The Perfect Meeting

by borne December 21, 2016

If there’s one thing that can really suck the soul out of an already miserable Monday, it’s an [...]

The Real Reason We Should Fear AI

by borne November 23, 2016

In a world of Black Mirrors, I, Robots and Terminators, it’s no wonder people fear technology or more specifically, [...]

Facebook: It’s Not Us, It’s You

by borne November 11, 2016

Silicon Valley was left stunned after the shocking news that Donald Trump has been voted the next President of the [...]

Tech News Of The Week

by borne November 4, 2016

Happy Friday! Halloween is over which means it’s time to dust off our Christmas jumpers, blast Mariah Carey [...]

2016’s Biggest Tech Trends

by borne November 1, 2016

It seems only yesterday that we were lying on our friend’s sofa vowing to abstain from all alcohol for the entirety [...]

Here’s Why Launching An App Is Like Speed Dating

by borne October 20, 2016

In May it was revealed that nearly a quarter of people abandon an app after just one use. Launching an app that [...]

Tech News Of The Week

by borne October 14, 2016

It’s been a fairly quiet week in the world of tech with just a few big news stories dominating our Twitter [...]

What’s The Deal With Bots?

by borne October 7, 2016

With the launch of Google’s Allo, a “smart” messaging app, users are exploring the new and improved world of [...]

Snapchat Spectacles Or Google Glass? It’s A No-Brainer

by borne September 28, 2016

Remember the days when glasses were for people with bad eyesight or to shield our eyes from the sun? No? Us [...]

Tech News Of The Week

by borne September 23, 2016

It’s been a monster of a week for us app developers, with breaking news popping up left, right and centre. So [...]

Choosing The Perfect App Name

by borne September 22, 2016

Naming your app is like naming your baby, but more important. The name of your app, alongside the logo, is the [...]

iOS 10: What’s New?

by borne September 15, 2016

Way back in June, we wrote a blog post on some of our predictions for the widely anticipated iOS 10. We’ll [...]

Apple Watch Series 2: All You Need To Know

by borne September 8, 2016

Before we begin this blog we would first like to say a few words about the headphone jack which has served us well [...]

iPhone 7: What Can We Expect?

by borne September 7, 2016

Today is a huge day for tech geeks like us. Apple are holding their annual launch event and will be revealing the [...]

Tech News Of The Week

by borne September 2, 2016

Well Friday has swung around again and it’s been a busy week. Alongside trying to ignore the fact that [...]

Tech News Of The Week

by borne August 26, 2016

For us Brits, this weekend is a one in a million.   Not only is it a bank holiday, rumour has it, it’s [...]

Mindfulness In The Workplace

by borne August 15, 2016

The working day used to be very different. Heaving ourselves out of bed after pressing snooze for the fifteenth [...]

Instagram Stories

by borne August 5, 2016

Still bitter that Snapchat rejected his $3 billion offer to buy the platform back in 2013, Mark plotted the perfect [...]

Tech News Of The Week

by borne July 29, 2016

It’s Friday!   The Friday afternoon slump is hitting Borne Digital HQ hard, so whilst guzzling down [...]

Is Facebook Finally Growing Old?

by borne July 25, 2016

For many of us, it’s the beginning of the end of our time on the social media phenomenon, Facebook. I’m not [...]

Mobile App Developers: How To Choose The Perfect Team

by borne July 19, 2016

Alas, mobile app development is not always smooth sailing.  There’s only so much you and your brand new [...]

4 Marketing Lessons We Can All Learn From Pokémon GO

by borne July 11, 2016

If you’ve been keeping on top of the news this weekend then you won’t have missed the phenomenon currently [...]

5 Things You Should Know About This Week

by borne July 8, 2016

It’s Friday afternoon which means in between pretending we have social lives and, well, developing apps, our [...]

London App Developers’ Must-Have Apps

by borne July 4, 2016

London is cold, it’s usually raining, and it generally involves a lot of queuing.   In fact, the faster than [...]

Can Wimbledon’s New Technology Lift Britain’s Spirits?

by borne June 28, 2016

The weekend has seen a black cloud descend over Great Britain, with markets crashing, the value of the pound [...]

Brexit…How Will It Affect Your Start-Up?

by borne June 22, 2016

In a recent survey by Silicon Valley Bank, 72% of start-up executives said they thought leaving the EU would have a [...]

3 Ways To Increase App Store Rankings

by borne June 17, 2016

With over 2 million apps now available to download, getting your product noticed is one of the biggest challenges [...]

Microsoft To Buy LinkedIn

by borne June 14, 2016

The tech world was left reeling yesterday after it was announced that Microsoft is going to be buying the social [...]

Start-Ups: What To Attend And Why

by borne June 13, 2016

There’s no denying that life as a start-up entrepreneur is tough. Long hours, endless worry and sleepless nights [...]

5 Things To Remember Before Launching An App

by borne June 8, 2016

As app developers ourselves we know how frustrating it can be trying to launch an app, as there’s simply so much to [...]

Vi, The Latest Fitness Wearable

by borne June 3, 2016

We’ve had fitness DVDs, apps and wearables, and soon we will have Vi.   Created by LifeBeam and [...]

iOS 10 Predictions

by borne June 1, 2016

So another WWDC is upon us and the rumour mill is in full swing. What will Apple unveil? How will it compare to [...]

Google fights France over the ‘Right to be forgotten’ law

by borne May 20, 2016

A £76,000 fine for Google should be trivial. In fact, the amount is so trivial that it is pocket change to the [...]

Apple increases its commitment in China with $1bn investment

by borne May 15, 2016

Apple has not really had a good time of it lately, especially in China. With news that its value has contracted for [...]

Lean to the Right? Not on Facebook

by borne May 13, 2016

Facebook has a level of influence that is perhaps unprecedented amongst other media outlets. Having been [...]

Apple loses Trademark appeal for ‘iPhone’ in China

by borne May 8, 2016

When is and iPhone not an iPhone? When it’s in China. This may well be a running joke or saying involving Apple now [...]

Google’s Annual Letter Pins Hopes on AI

by borne May 2, 2016

Every year Google publishes an annual letter to the world at large in which it highlights the state of the world [...]

When the Apple falls…

by borne April 28, 2016

Something odd has happened. Something has occurred which has not happened in over a decade in fact. Apple, the [...]

Pirates Beware – Proposal to increase prison term for piracy in motion

by borne April 24, 2016

According to data from HBO there were over 14 million illegal downloads of Game of Thrones last year. While that [...]

The beginning of the business-specific smartphone?

by borne April 22, 2016

The beauty of Google’s Android platform is that it is free. Not only is it an open source platform but there are [...]

Facebook Developer Conference feedback and improvement to News Feed

by borne April 17, 2016

The Facebook developer conference was held this week with programmers, developers, engineers, media publishers and [...]

The return of the operating theatre – Surgery goes VR

by borne April 14, 2016

The operating theatre was so dubbed because it was not just a place where surgery happened, but it was a place [...]

The Next Rembrandt – 3D Printing goes to a whole new level

by borne April 10, 2016

Ask any artist about whether a form of artificial intelligence can create art and the answer you will get will [...]

Facebook Live for the Masses – Social Media platform embraces video

by borne April 8, 2016

For many, Facebook Live will not be a new thing. The application, built into Facebook itself has been available, [...]

Google ‘Drops the Mic’ for April Fools

by borne April 3, 2016

April Fool’s Day fell this Friday with many brands, media outlets, institutions and members of the public for that [...]

The best of Microsoft Build 2016 – All about the Bots!

by borne March 31, 2016

Yesterday was the annual Microsoft Build Developer keynote where the tech firm lays out its plans for Windows (and [...]

Twist in the tale of the Apple vs. FBI Case

by borne March 27, 2016

As we reported last week, this has been a big week for Apple. The Cupertino-based firm has already delighted us [...]

Apple Event – Apple introduces iPhone SE

by borne March 22, 2016

  So thus begins the initial foray of a busy week for Apple. At the Apple event yesterday people were excited [...]

Apple gets ready for an important week ahead

by borne March 20, 2016

So, spring is now here and that is an appropriate reason as any to have a dedicated Apple week. With Apple setting [...]

Tech and Government – Where should the balance be?

by borne March 17, 2016

As we have mentioned in a few blog posts over the past few weeks the case between the FBI and Apple over unlocking [...]

Going, go, gone – Google’s DeepMind beats World Champion at Go

by borne March 13, 2016

The ancient Chinese game of Go was supposed to be the holy grail of gaming AI…until yesterday. Google shocked the [...]

Apple announces event for March 21

by borne March 11, 2016

Apple has announced an event for March 21 leading to speculation that a smaller version of the iPhone will be [...]

The tech industry ups the ante in support of Apple

by borne March 6, 2016

This week a number of high-profile tech companies including Microsoft, Google and Facebook have moved to show their [...]

Microsoft’s Big Windows 10 Push

by borne March 3, 2016

Microsoft has released a series of ads aimed at pushing its Windows 10 Operating System. For those Windows users on [...]

Protect and Serve: Google increases Project Shield to prevent DDoS attacks

by borne February 28, 2016

Google has announced that it is to increase the reach of its Project Shield service to cover more small and [...]

Google-owned Boston Dynamics reveal bot that won’t stop for bullies

by borne February 25, 2016

Boston Dynamics, a robotics company which originally spun from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT,) and [...]

Tech stands behind Apple

by borne February 21, 2016

Earlier in the week, we reported how Tim Cook and Apple released a statement showcasing the reasons why they were [...]

Apple turns down FBI’s request to unlock iPhone info

by borne February 18, 2016

The Dark Knight, the second instalment in the Christian Bale Batman trilogy is perhaps best remembered by the [...]

Remember Picasa? Google announces it is to suspend support for the photo storage service

by borne February 13, 2016

It is sometimes easy to forget how scattered the internet was in the past. We login to today’s internet and we can [...]

Six Degrees of Separation? Not according to Facebook

by borne February 9, 2016

The term ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ is a popular term used to describe the ‘small world theory’. The popular [...]

When Privacy and Geography Don’t Mix

by borne February 7, 2016

This week PayPal announced its move to suspend VPNs and DNS server access from its platform. While the move, as [...]

Life’s a Game, Wanna Play?

by borne February 4, 2016

Part way through her multi-million dollar hit Blank Space, Taylor Swift asks the object of this particular song’s [...]

Facebook to close App-Development Platform Parse

by borne January 30, 2016

Facebook has announced that it is to shut down Parse, the app development platform that it acquired in 2013 for [...]

Let The Games Begin – Google Unveils AI Breakthrough

by borne January 28, 2016

Last week we speculated whether robots could actually take away jobs and how far automation was going to change the [...]

Apple vs. Android – So last year or more to come? 2015 App Recap

by borne January 24, 2016

App Data and Analytics firm App Annie has released its 2015 Retrospective Report which highlights the biggest [...]

Can a robot really threaten your job?

by borne January 19, 2016

Yesterday the World Economic Forum (WEF) published its annual Future of Jobs report with technology and robotics [...]

It’s time to embrace the Edge: Microsoft announces it is to cease support for older versions of Internet Explorer

by borne January 13, 2016

Microsoft has gone ahead with an announcement that it first made back in August 2014 to cease technical support for [...]

CES 2016 Part 2

by borne January 10, 2016

Last week we sent out our first blog posts of 2016 and looked at the initial big announcements from CES 2016 and [...]

Hello Tech World and welcome to 2016!

by borne January 8, 2016

Well, we’re a little late for sure but we’ve been working hard over December and the holiday period to get our new [...]

Facetime gets a Faceshift? Apple buys Zurich tech start up for undisclosed fee

by borne January 4, 2016

Apple has announced that it has purchased Faceshift, the Zurich based facial recognition start-up which might just [...]

It’s Cyber Monday so get those apps a clicking…

by borne November 30, 2015

Today is Cyber Monday, the self-styled (or online retail industry styled day) which gets the web community [...]

Microsoft puts its trust in Windows 10 Phone

by borne November 24, 2015

Well folks, Windows 10 phone is here. Sort of. Microsoft has been seen trying to push its platform by releasing a [...]

Instagram API change means big adjustments for App Developers

by borne November 18, 2015

It has been a little over a month since Instagram finished beta testing advertising on its platform and now the [...]

App Developers rejoice, Ford has come to the tech party

by borne November 17, 2015

The motor vehicle industry has been pretty quick to integrate when it comes to modern technology. Hybrid and fully [...]

Facebook comes knocking at iOS’s door – new Notify app for lock screens released

by borne November 13, 2015

This week Facebook have unveiled the Notify app. Notify is an app for iOS which takes control of notifications [...]

The End of an Era – Sony finally announces the end of Betamax

by borne November 11, 2015

Pioneers are not always the ones who make it to the top of the mountain, often they are the ones who simply made [...]

Instagram API change means big adjustments for Mobile App Developers

by borne November 11, 2015

It has been a little over a month since Instagram finished beta testing advertising on its platform and now the [...]

Smart just got stylish. Tag Heuer announces its first Android Wear Device

by borne November 9, 2015

This morning luxury watch manufacturer Tag Heuer unveiled its first foray into the smartphone market at an event in [...]

Return of the Blackberry

by borne November 6, 2015

Ah Blackberry, for many of us, just saying the name of the former mobile phone great leaves us with a sense of [...]

Amazon unveils its first real-world bookstore

by borne November 5, 2015

Back in the late 1990s when the internet was just getting started there was this online bookstore called Amazon. [...]

Microsoft Launches Arrow on Android

by borne October 30, 2015

Microsoft has finally unveiled its Arrow software on the Play Store for users to try. For those who don’t know, [...]

VR and Brands – Tommy Hilfiger gets the ball rolling

by borne October 28, 2015

If you head into Tommy Hilfiger’s London Regent Street branch or the Selfridges branch you might notice some [...]

Barclays shows the value of tech to a brand

by borne October 26, 2015

If you have a Barclays account you may have noticed some difficulties in using their mobile app or even using your [...]

Barclays shows the value of tech to a brand

by borne October 26, 2015

If you have a Barclays account you may have noticed some difficulties in using their mobile app or even using your [...]

Netflix for Networks shows TV is changing

by borne October 23, 2015

Disney has just announced that it is to bring its own streaming service to the UK in the form of an app for Disney [...]

Wednesday October 15th 2015 – the Day Marty McFly went Back to the Future…

by borne October 21, 2015

Today is finally here. October 15th 2015 is a day when Marty McFly went Back to the Future in the second [...]

Twitter Fires 8% of staff and releases Moments

by borne October 20, 2015

Last week was a busy week for the Social Media giant, not only is there a new (old) guy in town in the form of Jack [...]

Apple patent infringement on iPhone Chips

by borne October 15, 2015

Earlier this week a court in Madison County, Wisconsin, USA ruled that Apple had infringed upon a patent held by [...]

Google Now on Tap set to release with Android Marshmallow

by borne October 1, 2015

Back in the early days of the internet in the 1990s people would refer to it as ‘The Information Super Highway’ [...]

Oculus Rift arrives (and it’s surprisingly cheap)

by borne September 25, 2015

At yesterday’s Oculus Connect Conference the news we have been waiting for finally arrived. The launch date of the [...]

The Rise of Instagram

by borne September 23, 2015

This morning in a blog post Instagram, the photo sharing app announced that it has hit 400 million users. The news [...]

Robots taking our jobs? Calm down and think of progress

by borne September 15, 2015

Twenty years ago there was no such thing as a growth hacker. In twenty years’ time there may be no such thing as a [...]

The Future of TV is Apps – overview of the Apple Autumn Event

by borne September 11, 2015

This week has been a busy one for Apple. We had reported earlier of their decision to allow ads to be blocked on [...]

Apple allows mobile users to block ads – we explore the potential impact

by borne September 9, 2015

Later today will see the Autumn Apple Event take place which should bring good news for Apple TV lovers as we [...]

Intel Skylake – How much are new processors needed?

by borne September 4, 2015

As microchip firm Intel this week unveiled its new range of processors, branded as Skylake at the IFA tech show in [...]

Apple TV Mark 2 – All about the Apps

by borne September 1, 2015

iTunes already offers a movie download service and Apple TV itself already has a core interface. A potential [...]

Will China’s tumble affect tech start-ups?

by borne August 25, 2015

We mentioned yesterday of the fall of Apple’s stock over the weekend by over 21% due mainly to its investment in [...]

Late to the Game?

by borne August 14, 2015

While it is positive that Yahoo has joined the app party and that it has the financial backing as well as the [...]

The end of Google+ ?

by borne August 4, 2015

YouTube users may have noticed over the weekend that they no longer required a Google+ account to post comments. [...]

Windows 10: The Big Launch

by borne July 28, 2015

Windows users will probably have already noticed pop up boxes appearing in the bottom right hand of their desktop [...]

Kickstarter Success Stories

by borne June 10, 2015

Some of the most innovative products on the market would never have made it without Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a [...]

Making your digital identity the heart of your new start up

by borne June 8, 2015

Start-ups have a lot on their plate: cash flow, pleasing investors, finding the right people to help grow the [...]

Does your business need a responsive website or an app, or maybe both?

by borne May 13, 2015

Whereas in the past mobile website optimisation was a luxury for businesses, today it’s a full-blown necessity. [...]

The benefits of hiring a professional digital agency

by borne May 13, 2015

Is it about time you hired a professional digital agency? If you’re in need of a responsive web design, mobile app [...]

Why your website has to be mobile friendly

by borne April 7, 2015

The number of people using their mobiles to surf the web is on the increase, making it now more important than ever [...]

10 Excellent Wireframing tools for App Development

by borne February 10, 2015

Wireframing and UI is now integral to any digital agency or any mobile app developer. Setting out the strategy [...]

The 5 Most Beautiful Connected Devices

by borne June 27, 2014

2014 is the year of the connected devices, or wearable tech. With the release of the Samsung Galaxy Gear [...]

Common Email Marketing Mistakes

by borne June 10, 2014

Email is still the primary form of communication in the digital age. For this reason email marketing is stronger [...]

10 Best WordPress Themes of 2014

by borne June 10, 2014

WordPress is one of the most popular and widely used blog hosting websites and offers tons of attractive, versatile [...]